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Hand-Knotted Howlite Throat Chakra Mala *Special Price*


Our exclusive, limited -edition chakra malas are perfect for meditation and for wearing every day.  The throat chakra represented by the color blue is located in your throat area.  

The throat chakra is associated with sound, creative self-expression, speech and communication, will and timing. The ability to speak honestly, to receive, process and assimilate information, and to connect and speak to your inner truth are all related to the throat chakra. This is your center of transformation and change, where you harness your energy to express yourself, from your spirit, heart and mind.

  • Hand-knotted with beautiful turquoise blue cord

  • 108 white howlite beads
  • Gold-toned guru bead
  • Hand-cut turquoise blue cotton tassel tied off with gold colored thread
  • Hand made in our San Francisco, California worksop

Our malas are not just pretty to look at, they are meant to be used for your daily meditation 🙏 These are proudly made right here in San Francisco, California, USA.  We have begun blessing our malas with a special prayer/mantra once they are complete so that they will bring their new home many good vibes, love & positive energy.

Because this item is being offered at an exceptional price (!), no discounts or coupons can be applied.  Thank you!

Howlite healing properties:

Howlite has an extremely calming energy and can be used to relieve anxiety, tension and intense emotions.  It is said to be able to calm the mind and help you to relax in preparation for sleep or meditation.  If you suffer from insomnia, caused by racing thoughts at bedtime, a piece of howlite placed under your pillow or around your bed may help.

Due to the delicate materials used, we recommend you do not wear it in water or expose it to water.

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