Who is Hot Chakras Yoga?

Hot Chakras Yoga was merely an idea back in 2012. Having noticed that women had so many fun options for yoga clothes, I realized that men were getting left out in the cold!  These poor guys were stuck with lackluster options consisting of plain black, blue or gray.  Since when were those colors motivating and exciting? 

I made it my mission to develop fun, wild and colorful yoga shorts and capris that everyone can wear.  Being a yogi for almost 10 years, it has been amazing to watch the world of yoga fashion evolve.  No more are there seas of black clothes in the yoga room! 

I touch dozens of fabric samples and only select those that are the highest quality.  In fact, they are so soft and lightweight, it almost feels like you're naked!  After many months of trial and error, searching high and low for great, high quality fabrics, a quality manufacturer and finalizing designs - my brand was born! 

All of our clothing is made at a small, local factory here in San Francisco.  It was of the utmost importance to make sure that they were handcrafted not only in the USA, but in my home city where I was born and raised. 

I am excited that I have found my passion.  It took me many, many years but I am grateful to have found it!   My yoga practice has made me a better person.  It has changed my life in so many amazing ways.  

I hope that we can add a little bit of happiness to your practice!  Wear your Hot Chakras in good health!