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Ganesha's Abundance Charm Bracelet


Our stunning double wrap bracelet is handmade of gorgeous, faceted agate beads and accented with a gold-tone elephant charm. 

  • Strung on elastic cord to fit almost any wrist (sized to fit up to approximately a 7" wrist)
  • Double wrap style
  • Gorgeous elephant charm signifying good fortune and removal of obstacles
  • Gold-tone hematite accent bead
  • Made in our San Francisco, California workshop 


It is a soothing and calming stone which works slowly to bring inner strength, self-acceptance and self-confidence. Agate encourages you to stop worrying and to release negativity from your life.


Hematite is a stone that grounds and protects us.  It endows us with courage, strength, entrance and vitality.  A "stone for the mind", hematite stimulates concentration and focus, enhancing memory and original thought.  It dissolves negativity and prevents you from absorbing the negativity of others.  Hematite is strong, boosting self-esteem and survivability, enhancing willpower and reliability, and imparting confidence.  It helps to overcome compulsions and addictions such as overeating, smoking and other forms of overindulgence.

Due to the delicate materials used, we recommend you do not wear it in water or expose it to water.

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