Shiva Rea- Physical fluidity and Uh!

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to participate in a special class led by Shiva Rea.  I'd never taken a class of hers in the past but always wanted to.  Wow!  All of the great things I had heard were all true.  She is an amazing teacher who led the class with love and compassion while making me sweat! I learned a lot about body fluidity and realized how stiff my body is.  I worked so hard to let go but no matter how hard I tried, I could not look at elegant as Shiva!  It gives me something to work towards.

I attended with a friend who has recently begun dealing with some very serious health issues.  Shiva knew his situation and made every effort to come over, check on him and make sure he was ok.  She is the absolutely definition of grace.  

After 3 hours of yoga, meditation and music, I left feeling like a new person.  Thank you Shiva Rea for a beautiful experience.  I look forward to practicing with you again… Om…Namaste