How do you use a mala?

So many are romanticized by the beauty of mala beads.  We absolutely love making mala beads because we feel so connected to them in many ways.  We make them knowing they will be sent off to a new home to bring joy and peace.  We have begun saying a very special prayer when a mala is complete as a way of blessing them so they may bring their new home peace, love and good energy.  A traditional mala consists of 108 beads and a larger guru bead at the base.

So many people new to meditation ask "how do you meditate with mala beads"?  Here's a quick tutorial:

Mala Beads for Meditation: 

Ideally, you will find a quiet, calming place where you can sit comfortably with proper posture (sit straight &  tall). Take a few slow, deep breaths with your eyes closed.  Some people choose to have some calm music playing in the background. 

  1. You may use a mantra to meditate.  We like to chant our mantra silently but you may chant it out loud if you're comfortable doing so.  
    1. A mantra is a word, saying or prayer that you repeat
  2. You should hold your mala with your right hand, between your middle finger and index finger. You start at the guru bead (the bigger bead at the base of your mala).  Simply use your thumb to count each bead, pulling it toward you as you recite your mantra. You may do this 108 times, traveling around the mala, until you once again reach the guru bead.
  3. If you want to continue the meditation, simply reverse direction and start again for another 108 times.
  4. If you're new to meditation, you may have trouble getting to 108 repetitions.  It's ok, we've all been there.  Go as far as you can, stop, take a deep breath and start again.  It's your time so feel comfortable using it as you wish.