Wholesale Inquiries

Do you want to sell Hot Chakras Yoga at your studio?  We want to hear from you!  We love working with studios to bring Hot Chakras Yoga's colorful clothing to the world.  Send over an email to Jessica@HotChakrasYoga.com. Tell us a little bit about yourselves and your studio and we'd be more than happy to work with you!

What makes us special?

Capsule collections.  All of our unique pants & shorts are run in extremely small quantities.  Why does this matter?  Because that means that you won't see 50 other people running around in the same outfit!  We curate unique, limited print fabrics and only produce a small number of each, making them all special! 

Who cares if this stuff is made in San Francisco, California?

We do and we hope you do too.  We have deep roots in San Francisco and we believe in bringing manufacturing back to the USA!  Supporting local businesses and being able to offer a top notch product is the most important thing to us.  Yes, it's cheaper to produce elsewhere, but integrity comes first in our book.

Yes, they're made of nylon/spandex.  We like it that way!

We know that not everyone loves a synthetic fabric and we are cool with that.  We just so happen to think it's the bomb.   It dries quickly, it doesn't get stinky, the colors stay bright and it feels light as air.  What's not to love?

Still have questions?

Email us!  We love questions, it gives us the opportunity to talk about ourselves!  Jessica@HotChakrasYoga.com